‘Richard has been a precious partner for CANAL+ for several years. Together we’ve created many exciting and disruptive projects, constantly re-inventing TV design and promotion.’

OLIVIER SCHAACK, Creative Director, CANAL+

As a Creative Director I have led high profile, award winning projects for the BBC, Sky, CANAL+, Nat Geo, Discovery, AMC, A&E, CBS and a bunch of other entertainment brands. I believe in simple, surprising ideas borne of truth which reward the audience for spending time with them.

My approach is multi-disciplinary: strategy, design & creative. I’m happy to work with your in-house team or on my own to develop original concepts.

If awards float your boat then I’ve been fortunate enough to win at D&AD, Cannes, Creative Circle, Promax et al.

You can check out a few of the projects I've created below ...

I was invited to join the team at ITV Creative to generate a new identity for the channel. When I suggested that every week for a year a new artist redesigns their logo I really didn't expect them to say yes. But that's exactly what happened. It's a television first. And a beautiful celebration of boundless creativity out there. On air throughout 2019.

A simple celebration of the power of stories delivered by the extraordinary Bryan Cranston to launch TV channel AMC in the UK. The concept for the campaign was that the only continuity would be the words of the poem; the directors of the other executions would be allowed their own visual interpretation with no prescriptions. This execution was the first and won a D&AD pencil.

The brief was to create a timeless cinema ident for Studiocanal. We took a reductive approach, concentrating on the fundamentals of cinema: sound & light. The final piece was created by projecting movies through a glass installation. Created in collaboration with DBLG. Music by Oscar winning composer Alexandre Desplat.

A Cannes Lion winning brand ad for Nat Geo which cost less than the award entry. We’d already shot the main film in the ‘Think Again’ campaign but as soon as we came across this remarkable quirk in the way our brains process text we knew we had to make just one more spot.

The on screen identity for the premium sports channel in France, CANAL+ Sports. Sport branding is often high end CGI. In this work, inspired by the visual invention of early photographers like Edward Muybridge, sporting movement is fractured. And it was all captured in camera. Created in collaboration with DBLG. Sound by Echoic.

How do you create a brand campaign for Sky, and show that no other channel loves The Simpsons quite like Sky One loves the Simpsons? You shoot the opening sequence for real. Matt Groening used the sequence in the UK based Ricky Gervais episode. Directed by Chris Palmer.

‘Richard is a great listener, who quickly understands what needs to be achieved for our brands. He always awakens creativity and passion in my team. Highly recommended!’

ANNA MUNKENBERG, Exec. Creative Director, Modern Times Group