After love it’s the most valuable attribute we possess.

The urge to express ourselves through words, images & performance is the better part of what makes us human beings human.

Which is why, after 25 years spent coming up with ideas, I now devote the greater part of my time to inspiring & enabling others to have better ideas themselves.

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I’ve run workshops on the creative process in Stockholm, Paris, Mumbai, Singapore, LA, New York and London.

The masterclasses are a blend of illuminating anecdotes, collaborative exercises and applied thinking, working on real world briefs. They are entertaining, fun and transformative.

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Among the sessions I run are Great Ideas & Where to Find Them, How to Pitch, Making Good Great, The Power of Words, The Art of Listening, Writing A Great Creative Brief and The Value of Mistakes.

Discover more about the content of the masterclass programme by clicking on the image below or contacting me here directly. And there are some kind words from people who’ve already attended the course at the bottom of this page.

As a new addition for 2020 I’m launching The Creative Retreat deep in the heart of Wales. To find out more about two days of inspiration, rejuvenation and team togetherness, click here or on the image of the Skirrid mountain below.

‘Wonderfully insightful, disarmingly honest, truly inspirational, and wholly unmissable! Richard’s passion for all things creative is undeniable and it was a pleasure to learn from him.’

HELEN MORGAN-GEARY, Senior Producer, Fox
‘These sessions were so inspiring and beneficial to us all that I’m actually in mourning they’re over! They were so varied and insightful - definitely the best training I’ve ever had in my promo career. I feel rejuvenated and a lot more creative than before, so thank you.’

KIRSTY TAYLOR, Senior Creative, Sky
‘Inspirational! I was taken on a creative journey of enlightenment, only to find that through my own approach, attitude and appreciation of other creatives we can achieve anything. Diolch yn fawr!’

ELERI GRIFFITHS, Communication Officer, S4C
‘Six great days of enlightening education, innovative ideas, and quite frankly, some very cool stuff. Richard’s workshops were excellently researched and delivered with a warm sincerity which made them all the more engaging. I genuinely looked forward to every session, and left each one feeling all the more knowledgeable and inspired.’

ANDY BUCKLAND, Designer, Turner Broadcasting
‘An amazing couple of days of inspiration. It’s so good to be able to recharge and be reminded why we do all this. I thoroughly enjoyed it.’

GREG BRAYTON, Sr. Creative Producer, E!