‘Sometimes teams need to pause and refresh their creative process. I’ve known Richard and been an admirer of his work for many years. He’s one of the most popular speakers on the PromaxBDA global conference circuit and people come from all over the world to be inspired by him.’

LESTER MORDUE, Director Europe Conference, PromaxBDA

I speak regularly in the UK and further afield on the art and science of creative thinking. Among my recent sessions are ‘Change The Way You Think Forever’, ‘How To Have A Great Idea When You’ve Got No Time At All’ & 'Lunatics, Criminals, Junkies & Amateurs'.  You can watch these below.

If you’d like to give your team an inspirational boost and encourage them to see the world differently then drop me a line.


When we think like everyone else, we create like everyone else. In Change The Way You Think Forever I take the audience on an extraordinary journey via potato chips, microwave ovens, Boris Becker's tongue, hard drugs and the Bible, as I set out to discover the secrets of original thinking.


Coming up with a great idea is hard. Coming up with a great idea in next to no time doubly so. In How To Have a Great Idea When You've Got No Time At All, using insights gleaned from artists, musicians, film makers and others, I explore simple steps you can take to hunt down a great idea once the clock is against you.


In Lunatics, Junkies, Criminals & Amateurs I take the audience inside the world of outsiders to discover the lessons in creativity we can learn from those who society would shun.