‘I can think of few other people in our business who understand brands as intuitively. The clarity of Richard’s thinking has been enormously valuable on several of the projects we’ve worked on together. He’s good fun to go for a beer with too.’

GUY SLATTERY, President, Viceland

Few things give me greater pleasure than a deliciously thorny problem that I can lose myself in for a little while. Perhaps it’s a brand challenge, discovering a strategy that will elevate you above the competition; or it could be conceptual, finding a single, simple idea that can underpin all your communications. So long as it’s an opportunity for me to exercise my grey matter then I’d be delighted to help.

My approach to creative thinking is encapsulated in my first book ‘Beavers, Outrage & Blossom’ which you can download for free here or by clicking on the image below.

‘Richard is a genuine creative. He always listens with complete attention, then disappears into his own world to deliver something unexpected. He’s also a top bloke and great fun to work with.’

MATT STOTT, Director of Creative, Marketing & Communications, AMC