The Wind Thieved Hat

A podcast where I explore the creative process - the highs, the lows, the joy & the pain - with some of my favourite artists, musicians, writers, directors and makers.

Episode 08 / Adam Nathaniel Furman

Photo by Pietro Cattaneo

Photo by Pietro Cattaneo


Adam's Instagram bio reads ‘confusing background, focused foreground’. His focus lies in creating brilliantly colourful work which delights in its own artifice. As well as being an artist and designer, Adam is also a thinker and provocateur. He likes to upset the creative apple cart. Is less really more? And should form always follow function?

Our conversation roams widely. We cover that confusing background of his; we talk about chromophobia, the fear of colour; we discuss the tyranny of the search for meaning in art; and why dumplings are an emblem of transnational fluidity. Yes, really.

Welcome to the beautiful world of Adam Nathaniel Furman ...

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